Why A Photobooth Still Rocks Amidst Selfie Trend

Blue Swimsuit self portrait

It’s Entertaining

You got the props, go inside the booth either solo but usually in a group, and make weird faces and poses while being the camera is shooting. Isn’t that fun? I don’t know about you but, there is something about photobooths from OMG that can make people go wild.

It’s Spontaneous

Admit it; there are probably a hundred shots before that selfie shot of the day that you just uploaded online. That’s like holding a photo shoot on your own. Unlike photobooths, you get what it takes and that’s it. Raw, honest, but fun shots while you and you’re friend are practically just goofing around but the booth is already capturing memories that you would have deleted when you were orchestrating that perfect selfie.

Those Photo Strips Are Just Legendary

Who have watched old movies that haven’t seen those photo strips on bathroom mirrors, especially rom-coms or chick-lit movies? Photobooths may seem clichéd to you now but you cannot deny the staying power that it holds. It’s been around a long time and yet people still find it fascinating to take pictures in a booth until today.

It’s A Great Addition To Any Event

Some event requires guest not to bring phones and not take pictures, while others have a station where people checks their phones while the event is on-going to prevent inappropriate picture taking. The problem with the selfie habit is that people have blurred the lines of where and when is acceptable to snap a photo. That’s why event organizer put some restrictions on phones but include a photobooth so their guest can still enjoy picture takings without having to offend anyone.