Why Hire a Baby Photographer?


When you have a baby, you want the entire world to know about it, to see how beautiful you baby is, to learn how tall it is and how much it weighs, but most importantly, you want people to see the baby and you as parents with it together. You can try to take a photograph of the baby yourself, but you might have already tried it and know just how difficult it could be. But, every once in a while, you might snap a good shot of the baby, and thing that you can do it all by yourself and that you don’t need a baby photographer. Well, we’re going to tell you all about why you ought to hire a new born baby photography expert and what would be the benefits of such an action.

Babies are Hard to Photograph

You might have already noticed that it is really hard to take a picture of a baby. The babies don’t want to stay in one place, and they tend to move around a lot, or at least move their hands and legs. You can’t even make the baby look at the camera or at you in order to snap a decent shot. Well, a baby photographer knows how to make it all work. He knows how to keep a baby calm, and also knows how to get the baby to look the certain way for the photograph to be just perfect.

You Can’t Order a Baby to Smile

Getting a baby to smile for a photograph can be really tricky. Because the baby is still really young, everything seems really interesting to it, and it will mostly make an amazed face rather than a smiley one. You can try doing silly faces, but it might not work every time. The baby photographers work with babies, and they know how to make them smile and pose just as they should. These people have a couple of tricks up their sleeve, and using them, they are able to snap great photos of your baby, or with you with your baby.

The Photos Just Look Better

You probably don’t have a photo studio; you probably don’t have decent lighting, you probably don’t have a high quality camera to take the picture, etc. The baby photographer has all of that, and when he takes a photograph, the photograph looks… well, it looks amazing! You just can’t do that using your mobile phone camera; or even if you have a professional camera, you probably don’t have everything else.

It’s Not Expensive

And finally, taking your baby to a newborn photographer in Essex isn’t really that expensive. You will have to pay some money, but in return you’ll have amazing photos of your baby you can send to everyone, and that comes without a price. You’ll have a memory that is worth a thousand words, and if done properly by a good baby photographer, it is going to be worth at least a million words.

Five Top Tips for Trail Cameras

Update the Software Before You Use It

Something many people don’t pay attention to is updating their cameras software. Cameras have software known as FIRMWARE that needs to be updated as soon as you buy the camera. Doing this fixes many of the bugs and problems and it’s super easy to do. Just go to the website for the manufacturer of your camera and check for any updates. If there is then just follow the instructions.

Number the Cameras and Chips and GPS Their Location

If you use a lot of cameras you need to number them several times. You should also number the chips for each camera and avoid swapping chips unless you know for sure which chip you’re using. More modern trail cameras also allow you to attach a name or number to the photo. Everything should be named in a consistent manner so it’s easy to keep everything organised. You should also GPS where you put each camera. Do it now before you lose your cameras! Putting a GPS on the camera allows you to keep track of them no matter where they are so you can never forget where you left it.

Place The Camera to the South

Placing the camera to the south means also pointing it north. Doing this allows you to avoid the glare that can trick your camera into taking photos of nothing. It also prevents blow-out caused by a big backlight. Take a compass with you the next time you hang your cameras to ensure you take only high quality images of the game you’re tracking.

Angle the Camera to the Trail

This is another simple thing you should do but many hunters still don’t. If you’re not after bait, a lick, or a scrape then the camera needs to be pointed at a 45 degree angle to the trail. Doing this gives you a bigger trigger time to get a better quality photo of the entire animal. Hanging the camera perpendicular to the trail means that it takes a little time for the camera to wake up and snap the photo, which can leave you looking at nothing because a few seconds is all a deer needs to pass by the camera. Placing the camera at this angle gives you a better chance of getting the picture you need.

Deter Thieves

You know what sucks? Spending a few hundred dollars on a brand new trail camera only for it to be stolen by some jackass in the woods. Having said that you need to accept there is a risk any camera you leave in the woods will be stolen. If you don’t want to take the risk then don’t buy a trail camera. If you do buy a camera anyway then you need to do what you can to deter thievery. Here are some of the best thief deterring methods you can use:

  • Don’t leave the camera somewhere obvious. Trail cameras that are out in the open are just asking to be stolen or damaged. Hang the camera up a little higher in the tree, even if you need to take a stool or ladder with you to get it up there. Even if a thief spots your camera in a tree they won’t have a way to reach it themselves.
  • You can buy security cables but just be careful because a thief may choose to just destroy your camera if they can’t steal it. It also adds another cost to your trail cam so you might be deterred from this deterrent.
  • Modern cameras, much like phones, allow you to place a security code that is able to render the camera useless. While it won’t stop someone from stealing your camera in the first place you will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that they won’t get to use your camera themselves.

How to Prepare For a Photo Session

Not many people understand just how difficult modelling is. A model is judged on both their performance and their looks. There are several simple and easy ways you can come across as more professional and successful, which is the key to landing a modelling job.

Weight will always be an issue for a model. It’s possible to be both too thin and too thick so exercise regularly and eat a proper diet to maintain a healthy weight. You should lots of fruit and veg and try to avoid fatty snacks, caffeine, smoking, drinking, and other harmful substances.

It’s important that you never change your look right before a job. The only time you should get your hair cut or colored before a job is if you’ve been told to. Models should generally have longer hair because it is more versatile as you can make longer hair appear shorter but not the other way around.

You should avoid wearing makeup unless you’re on the job or in an interview. Makeup blocks your pores and can actually damage your skin and increase your chances of getting spots and pimples. Keep your skin clean and healthy by bathing regularly and using the right skincare products.

Stay out of the sunlight. Being sunburned can be bad for your career and your body. Tans are also impossible to cover using makeup. It’s easier to give a pale model the appearance of a tan than a tanned model a pale appearance. If you insist on looking tanned then get the right self-tanning products that simply color your skin rather tha tan it. You should apply it evenly, which you may need help to do, and avoid being nude until it’s dry.

All models need good nails so get pedicures and manicures done as and when needed by professionals. You should also take care of yourself. A bruise, scar, scratch, tattoo or piercing could ruin your body. Remember that your body is essentially your product and it needs to be in pristine shape.

Women (and sometimes men) should shave away any unwanted body hair the day before the job so that any red marks left behind can fade. Remember to always shave in the same direction that the hair is lying down. Shaving against the grain can cut the hair below the surface and leave you with “razor burn” caused by the ingrown hair.

Make sure that you arrive at each job freshly bathed and showered. Your hair should be shampooed and conditioned so that it’s fuller and thicker. Bring along your own hair care products such as your curling irons, hair spray, combs, brushes and anything else you’ll need to care for your hair.

If you’re doing a clothing shoot you should expect to have your photos taken without underwear underneath. Underwear causes bumps in the clothing you’re wearing and so you should expect to only wear the clothes you’ve been given. Remember to always use a bikini trimmer if you’re having any sort of shoot “down there”.  If you haven’t got one, check this post by Startifacts.

If you’re going to be posing in revealing clothing like lingerie or you’re doing a nude shoot you should come to the shoot wearing loose fitting clothing and with no socks or underwear on. Clothes that press against the body create pressure marks that can take an hour to fade. You should avoid wearing tight fitting or elastic clothing for at least 12 hours before the shoot too.

If you’re doing test work or buffing up your portfolio then make sure you practice walking, posing, and showcasing different emotions regularly. You should also pick out your clothing ahead of time. Find clothes that give you plenty of different looks and that flatter your figure. Avoid patterned clothes as they draw attention away from you. Black and white outfits and the classic “lines” outfits are all good choices. Try to avoid taking too many clothes so the photographer has some good choices for the clothes they feel will work best for the shoot.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerYou want your wedding photographer to capture everything from the exchanging of rings, to the party that night, that will make your special day to capture you in your best, deliver photos that live up to your expectations. Here are tips on how to choose the wedding photography that you can live with throughout their new life together.

1. A reputable wedding photographer like Jake Morley should have a physical location. Physical location where you can find them when you need them and where you can meet with them safely is important. Brick and mortar wedding photography studios in the community and trust with your customers. If your wedding photographer has no place in the address that they will share with you is a good reason not to trust them.

2. A good wedding photographer should help make your day go smoother. Without a dedicated wedding planner, your photographer is just a salesman, who is going to spend the whole day with you. A good wedding photographer should be easier for you. They should address the problems. Your wedding photographer should be flexible. They should be able to adapt and thrive in difficult situations.

3. You need your wedding photographer to be focused on you. When you meet with a wedding photographer for the first time, they ask about you, you know and know what you want? Or maybe they just talk about themselves and what they are doing? Find a photographer who wants to spend time getting to know you so you know they understand you and your needs. This is the best way to find out if they are a good fit for you.

4. Your wedding photographer should be good and beneficial. They should submit proposals for the opportunities you have to different things, provide advice on the planning and setup to be full of ideas and be ready to make your day and your planning easier. A good photographer is great planning. Your photographer should work with you until the engagement session to choose clothes and place.

5. It may sound strange, but not all wedding photographers are the same and not all photographers are well suited for each client. If your wedding photographer meet you and learn about what you are looking for, and then you will say that they do not think they would be good for you, it might be surprising, but it’s nothing personal. Are not you a professional and be honest about it than to try to change to suit your needs?

6. Price is not the most important factor in choosing a wedding photographer: You really get what you pay for. Photography is like everything else in life: you get what you pay for. It’s not logical that you can hire someone with little to no money and get the same results you would get if you spent twice what you paid for. Price is usually a factor when it comes to quality. Photographers who charge more generally support the reputation of their brand and their experience.

7. Your wedding photography studio should be insured and licensed as a legal business. Many places actually require that insurance salespeople work there. Camera equipment is expensive, and you need to make sure that your photographer is fully insured reputable insurance company, make sure that you are protected. Many photographers simply people with a camera and maybe a slick website. Make sure your photographer is to ensure the legal, legitimate businesses.

8. Your wedding photographer should have backup equipment and backup plan. Mandatory: Camera with two slots for memory cards that can be written to at the same time, if one card fails, the backup camera and lenses, data backup plan, including offsite backups and disaster recovery plan. Protect your investment. If your photographer has only one camera is not enough.

Why A Photobooth Still Rocks Amidst Selfie Trend

Blue Swimsuit self portrait

It’s Entertaining

You got the props, go inside the booth either solo but usually in a group, and make weird faces and poses while being the camera is shooting. Isn’t that fun? I don’t know about you but, there is something about photobooths from OMG that can make people go wild.

It’s Spontaneous

Admit it; there are probably a hundred shots before that selfie shot of the day that you just uploaded online. That’s like holding a photo shoot on your own. Unlike photobooths, you get what it takes and that’s it. Raw, honest, but fun shots while you and you’re friend are practically just goofing around but the booth is already capturing memories that you would have deleted when you were orchestrating that perfect selfie.

Those Photo Strips Are Just Legendary

Who have watched old movies that haven’t seen those photo strips on bathroom mirrors, especially rom-coms or chick-lit movies? Photobooths may seem clichéd to you now but you cannot deny the staying power that it holds. It’s been around a long time and yet people still find it fascinating to take pictures in a booth until today.

It’s A Great Addition To Any Event

Some event requires guest not to bring phones and not take pictures, while others have a station where people checks their phones while the event is on-going to prevent inappropriate picture taking. The problem with the selfie habit is that people have blurred the lines of where and when is acceptable to snap a photo. That’s why event organizer put some restrictions on phones but include a photobooth so their guest can still enjoy picture takings without having to offend anyone.

How Professionals Provide Next Level Wedding Photography

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 16.41.15

When it comes to wedding photography, there are still some couples who use amateur photographers trying to save as much money as they can. However, not hiring a professional wedding photographer could mean missing out on the chance to have the best wedding photographs and memories to last a lifetime. In fact, most amateurs would fail to provide the standard photographs expected in every wedding celebration while professional wedding photographers have those photos as their basic service. Aside from knowledge, training and experience as factors on the quality of wedding photographs professionals can provide, there are also several important factors which separate a professional wedding photographer from amateurs. Here are some factors on how professionals provide next level wedding photography.

  1. Preparation – Regardless of their profession, professionals value preparation as much as their actual performance. They make sure that every necessary area is covered months or weeks before the wedding.
  2. Proper equipment – It is not enough to have one or two cameras, professionals see to it that they have multiple cameras to work on different wedding conditions as well as backup in case one or two cameras stop working during the celebration.
  3. Assistant photographer – As mentioned earlier, there are standard photographs necessary in every wedding. Professionals have their assistant with them taking those types of photos while they focus on the things which take their wedding photography to the next level.
  4. Little to no involvement – According to the top wedding photographers in the world who won major awards, their secret includes little to no involvement with the scene as simply let the couple have their own intimate or romantic moment alone. This relaxes the couple since they are not pressured to do some poses nor become conscious on how they look. These photos are known as candid.
  5. Priorities – There are things to consider in a wedding. However, professional wedding photographers have their priorities straight even before the wedding. Though there are plenty of guests doing their own thing in the wedding, professionals prioritise the couple before anyone else. This increases their chances to capture perfect moments which the couple share which is critical for a great wedding album.
  6. Extreme emotions – Extreme emotions is the key to have realistic wedding photos. Embarrassment, joy or excitement should be captured without leaving anything to create the best wedding album possible.
  7. Great observation skills – Professionals have great observation skills which allow them to capture intimate moments of the couple as well as scenes with extreme emotions throughout the wedding.
  8. Photojournalism – Wedding photography isn’t just about taking random staged photos anymore. Professionals have shift their focus to photojournalism and try to tell the love story of the couple as they tie the knot.

So if you haven’t got a professional wedding photographer yet for your wedding, better look for one now.

Six Ways to Capture a Wonderful Photograph

Everybody loves appreciating a wonderful photograph and is usually impressed by the excellence of the photographer. What many people do not realize is that one day their photographs might hang in galleries for other people to appreciate. Photography isn’t that complex as people allow it to be. Anybody that has a camera may become a photographer; be it of professional level or otherwise, that is entirely a different debate after all.

Therefore How do You Capture Photographs of High Quality?

photography subjectConsider The Shot: Great photography is not about getting your camera and taking photographs at random. You need to notice the topic initially, which you will capture photographs of. Envision what you would like to seize and then take the photograph. It will provide you with a concept regarding what lens to make use of, how much is going to be the shutter speed and what’s going to be the focal length.

Get The Composition Right: For getting a really beautiful picture, the composition needs to be perfect. You may have an excellent Digital camera, however that isn’t sufficient. To be able to compose a photograph, you need to determine the spot from where you wish to capture the photograph, the place that you would like to aim your lens at and the best time to fire the shutter.

Examine Your Camera Function: Regardless if you are utilizing a top quality Digital camera or simply a basic camera, you must examine its configuration before capturing anything. Each and every scenery or subject is unique, and you need to set your camera appropriately. It is best to manually set your camera instead of relying on presets.

photography apertureSpecify The Aperture: Aperture unquestionably is among the most significant aspects of photography. Whether you would like the focus just on the subject or incorporate the backdrop too will depend upon what amount of aperture you specify on your camera.

Utilize Shutter Speed: Shutter regulates how much time the lens is subjected to the light. If the subject is moving, setting up the shutter speed properly is crucial.

Get The White Balance: With an alteration in climatic temperature, the light as well shifts. Specifically because of this, you need to regulate the white balance of your camera whether it is cloudy, sunny or at night.

If you’re interested in photography, you need to devote yourself to it 100%. Continue taking photographs till you perfect the skill. Indeed, the initial few photographs won’t turn out very good; that is usual. Do not be frustrated because of it. Just devote more time and if likely have some assistance from a professional photographer.